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Welcome to stepping up your online presence! 

Your website is one of your greatest assets. It communicates who you are as an individual, brand, or company and why you matter. Let's be honest, most markets are saturated so you need something that is not just going to stand out, but clearly communicates your value proposition so that you become the obvious choice for your audience, potential customers and clients. 

As a part of our services we believe we need to understand the client before even engaging in a working relationship, so we follow a few critical steps to ensure we can both meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. 

Getting to know you; 

  • Client Assessment; understanding your needs

  • FREE: We design 2-3 demo site options to choose from 

  • Zoom Consult: Screen share to discuss demo sites and your design preferences

Working with you;


  • Engagement starts upon receipt of deposit and provision of content 

  • Building the site, editing content for optimal impact, revisions as required

  • Turnaround 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the site. 

  • Support to set up domain and email inboxes if needed. 

Specialized services to enhance your business goals; 

  • Branding Recommendations 

  • Strategic Marketing Guidelines

  • Copywriting for Conversions


Web development services are customized per client and start at USD $1500.00 per website with a 50% deposit paid upfront and 50% upon completion. 

Web Development Services are in exclusive partnership with Wix and do not include e-commerce websites. 

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